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The use of "Medical Marijuana" by doctors to treat residents of California has been approved and legalized by the state's Compassionate Use Act of 1996 as a form of cure in managing health illnesses. This is to ensure that Californians who have been diagnosed and advised by their physicians to undergo this kind of treatment will be able to have access and receive the benefits of using marijuana to improve their health conditions.

Medical Marijuana has been used by patients from Orange County and Riverside to treat conditions like chronic pain caused by migraine and arthritis. Cannabis has been found to reduce the level of serotonin in human blood which is a hormone that triggers the occurrence of migraine headaches. It has also been found to produce substances that create an anti-inflammatory effect once ingested inside the human body. This process provides relief to patients who are suffering from arthritis by diminishing their perception for pain. Common health problems of women such as the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome and anorexia have also been improved with the use of Medical Marijuana as a course of treatment. The use of cannabis has been proven beneficial for women who are suffering from the discomforts of PMS. Because it is an effective stimulant that helps boosts a person's appetite for food, a woman with eating disorders such as anorexia was found to have gained weight after using cannabis as form of treatment. Conditions such as gastritis, sinusitis, nausea, insomnia, and even autism have also been recommended to use Medical Marijuana as a form of health management.

Doctors who are members of the Medical Cannabis Evaluation Specialists (MCES ) are experts in the field of using Medical Marijuana. They are available in Hesperia, Apple Valley and Los Angeles areas where they have toll-free numbers to help assist patients who wish to have appointments with them.

Californians can also find MCES clinics in Hesperia and Victorville areas to avail treatments using Medical Marijuana. The patients condition will be thoroughly evaluated and receive recommendations from licensed doctors to use cannabis in managing their health conditions. For questions and queries, toll-free numbers are always available to give customer support services.
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